Installing Everywhere On Discord

This Feature is Currently in Beta!

First, navigate to our website and click the "Invite" button.

Once you're on the invite page, please click the "Try it now" button.

To send a message using Discord's beta feature, type the following command anywhere in Discord:

/msg user:1099712961733472327 message:Hey

Fantastic! We can now engage with PrismGPT directly without needing to add it into our servers.

PrismGPT's /ask feature is now available across Discord. However, for servers with more than 25 members, responses from PrismGPT will be private, visible only to the user who initiated the /ask command.

For more details on using apps within Discord, refer to the official guide Using Apps on Discord. This resource covers everything you need to know to enhance your Discord experience with apps.

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